About Us

Preferred Staffing has been a leading staffing and recruitment agency in the Louisville and Bullitt county area since its inception in 2001. Since 2001, the company has shown year-over-year growth every year of its existence. Over the past 5 years, Preferred Staffing’s sales have increased more than 65% due to a concentrated effort in the Manufacturing and Warehouse fields. Today, Preferred Staffing is one of the 5 largest staffing companies in the Louisville area.

Preferred Staffing is locally owned and operated full-service agency that specializes in skilled and unskilled Manufacturing, Warehouse, Technical and Administrative placements. We also offer Human Resource Consultation and Payroll services. Whether it is temporary, temp to hire or direct hire, Preferred Staffing can meet any client’s needs.

Since 2009, Preferred Staffing has been a partner with People 2.0, who has brought Preferred Staffing comprehensive back office services that helps us achieve efficiency. As a partner of People2.0, we have state-of-the-art software and systems that allow Preferred Staffing to more efficiently manage recruitment, applicant tracking and candidate processing for faster response and order fulfillment. People2.0 also helps manage all H.R., tax and regulatory compliance for Preferred Staffing, ensuring that Preferred Staffing consistently meets all federal, state and local requirements. With People2.0, Preferred Staffing can offer expert management, on-time payroll delivery, employee benefits and excellent administrative support.

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